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His Answered Prayer

As a woman I’ve often heard it said that somewhere a man is praying and asking God for a woman like you. That you are everything he is looking for. Also, as women, we are quick to say amen, I receive that or dismiss it with a yeah, ok, whatever.

Sometimes, it’s our past hurts, pains, moments of deceptions and disappointments, disbeliefs or even our desperation to see it fulfilled that may be the very thing blocking us from seeing it to fruition.

I think that while we’re grasping at the hope of this manifestation, we may very well be creating such a strict idea of what he must be or live up to, that we miss him repeatedly.

What would happen if we stopped looking? Stopped creating what he should look like? Or act like? Or respond or dress or speak like? How tall or short he is. What’s his race or nationality? His age or education level? What if we just stopped?

What would happen if we stopped judging with our eyes? If we stopped deciding who he is before he gets the chance to show who he truly is? What if we let the spirit – you know the one, that we claim to believe to guide us – guide us?

What if your natural eye closed periodically? Allowing your spirit, the room to flow and show and guide. Is it possible that you could see things clearer? That the physical becomes a mist and the clarity of the substance of a person becomes visible. Becomes so blinding and bright that your physical you become momentarily disabled and all that you have is a strong, intangible knowing. And when you know, you know, right?

Alas, we may never have the answer (if there is an answer) to this topic. Maybe because we base so much on our idea(s) on the perfect match. If maybe, just maybe, we stopped seeing the conjured-up image of height, color, age, race, ethnicity, and the habit of our type, we might recognize that that man’s prayers concerning you are right on the horizon, within the grasp of both of you.

Or maybe I’m being a hopeless romantic who believes in the reality of the spirit guide.


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