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Slow Down - You Need A Minute

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Running through the city going nowhere fast.

I believe that we are moving so fast and doing so much that we are missing out on such small, insignificant, but beautifully important things. I can remember my childhood when things were just easy, boredom was a “thing” and imagination was a necessary life source. Only having about six television stations wasn’t really a bad thing; and that the television stopped airing ANYTHING around midnight was a plus. I sometimes find myself feeling badly for today’s children because they have so much to do. If it’s not their schedule that’s jam packed, it’s their caregivers’ schedule. And when there is down time, it’s occupied by something electronic. If you are an electronic babysitter caregiver, I’m not judging you because I understand the motive. You are busy. Your calendar has so many different color blocks because, of course, you’re busy. And you’re tired. And to keep certain people off one of the two nerves that you’re juggling, you hand them some electronic; even if it’s just the remote control to the TV.

Would you like to know the secret to slowing down? I’ve learned it. You may have to “borrow” the necessary “tool” – if you don’t have your own, but I promise you that it works. You may also need to take a few deep breaths and practice relaxation first. I’d advise you not to have coffee when using this “tool” because it may occasionally seem like it’s not working properly, but it is and I don’t want you feeling edgy. This exercise does require planning (even though I am trying to get you away from your planner). It may even require bravery, but it’s worth it. Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll probably be able to slow down and wind down (or wine down – no judgement); you’ll create lasting memories that will tickle your funny bone. You’ll have stories to share that don’t include your awesome job (which consumes your life). You will be able to talk about something that does not include a real housewife, basketball wife, love or hip hop, Kim, Kayne, Kris or Khloe (I do love me some Khloe), Toni or Tamar, bad girls or the girls next door. You will become acutely aware of colors and sounds and textures and tastes. You will see the world through a different set of eyes. In the words of Jasmine, you’ll discover a whole new world (I think that’s where that came from).

Allow yourself to be taught by and led by (but not into traffic), a Two-Year-Old! Follow their lead and do not rush them.

My promise to you is that you WILL stop and smell the flowers, collect rocks, chase ants, and try to catch a cricket or two. You will answer questions like: “where is the moon?”, (at 2 o’clock in the afternoon); “can I have that bird (pigeon)?”, (no honey, that’s a rat with wings – my opinion), or even “can I eat this rock?”, (no answer). There will be a few don’t run into the street screams and maybe a please don’t touch that dog, pleas. Throw in a playground and, oh boy, watch the magic on the face of a person that you can take full responsibility for that joy.

My request of you, for your own sanity, is to give this an open-minded try. If it doesn’t bring at least a small amount of joy, then cross it off your bucket list. If it does bring you the slightest bit of joy, remember that for a few short moments, you are completely responsible for bringing pure pleasure to someone else; and that is enough to cause one little ripple effect into the vibe of the whole planet.

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