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Sprinkle It Like Confetti

We all know that charity should start at home, but why do people have such a hard time with accepting that it shouldn’t happen only at home? After all, isn’t the whole purpose of life, love and education, to pass on goodness, compassion and mercy to everyone? Let me be clear, I do believe that home should be in order and needs should be met, but life can’t possibly just be about us and ours.

For instance, my daughter is Godmother to someone’s child. Selah. That’s a whole other blog in itself. She has 7 nieces and 2 nephews of her own. She doesn’t spend a lot of time with them but when she does it’s pretty quality. She became an aunt at the age of 10. She claimed to had been excited about these precious babies, but from the outside looking in, it was really hard to tell. Their visits mostly consisted of the babies cooing and laughing and being very excited to see her – while she looked at them with a look that only she could explain. There was no deciphering what she could have possibly been thinking. Adding the detail that she didn’t actually talk to them made it seem more bizarre. I don’t think that they heard her voice before they were 6 months old.

Fast forward – she now has a Godchild, and seems to take this position very serious. She’s made public vows to love, support and guide this little girl. And it seems that she’s really stepped up to the plate. There are pictures of and quotes to this child plastered all over the internet. If you don’t look carefully you might think that this is her child.

Growing up I used to hear the rhetorical questions posed: How are you doing for other people when you’re not doing for your own? Who do you need to impress? Doesn’t charity start at home? Well, I must admit that I fell prey to this stinkin’ thinkin’. This, my friends, is how we become a selfish, self centered people. All of her nieces and nephews live in 2 parent homes; does that make things perfect for them? No, but it certainly increases their odds. Before your bloomers find themselves in a bunch, single parent households turn out just fine and 2 parent households sometimes crumble; and this affords the opportunity for others to receive the love that they need. Now breathe!

What I’m admonishing here is that all sides get looked at before the judgement guillotine is dropped. In this situation,

1. She took what she learned at home and applied it in the world (watch out for the ripple affect);

b. She (we) are free to choose where we spread our love;

3. Step up to the plate or mind your own business;

d. James 1:27 ESV – religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, … (not involving myself in your religious/spiritual beliefs).

Let’s start a new thing; sprinkle love, grace and charity around like confetti. Add value to just one person every day (hopefully not the same person). Do something for someone who has no possible way of repaying you. Help someone else heal and watch as you yourself become whole.


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